Life as a Sub Ch. 01 Pt. 03

He nearly had all the papers in his case when he stopped, looked at me, and said.

"If you really want to do this, you will have other men in the room, and they will sometimes have their cocks very close to you, maybe even right near your face." He waited till these words had sunk in.

"There will be a lot of sex and a lot of cum, and a man or even one of the ladies, may even ask you to suck a cock." He stopped talking once more to gauge my facial expression. His head tilted questioningly waiting for a reaction from me.

I thought about it for a brief minute, and replied. "Of course, Sir. I was ok with that. It was just sex. I'm not gay or anything. A man is a man. We are all built the same, so, sure I am ok with it."

I must admit, at that time, even though I didn't want to be called gay, the thought of being near another man's naked cock was something that I didn't think I had a problem with. I went quiet as he looked at the door of the study room. I thought for a while then I replied.

"Yes. I would be ok with it Sir. It's what swinging is all about so I guess, that perhaps I am actually bi Sir."

He stood next to me, and looked down. He could see I was nervously thinking about it. He then bent down and whispered into my ear.

"What would your mates think if they saw you with a cock pushed into your face. What about if they saw you kiss it?"

He stood back to look once again into my eyes. "You look like any other average young man. A young man who would be shocked or disgusted having another man's cock pushed into your face."

He bent down again and asked me quietly, "Would you kiss, even suck one to prove to me you were bi?"

I looked into his eyes, his face was turning serious, and I was getting that taboo feeling in my stomach. I asked myself if he was right. He continued talking.

"Have you ever seen a mature man naked, real and up close?"

This chat was getting me a bit hot under the collar, and definitely feeling like a gay inquisition. I quickly thought of all my trips to public swimming pools and replied.

"Yes, of course Sir." I sat back in the chair trying to relax and be confident, "I have seen elderly men in changing rooms and in the shower in the gym, all with their ...."

He interrupted me and shook his head. "That is not what I meant. You are a young lad and having looked at a few cocks in the changing rooms doesn't prove anything." He stood right next to me, his crotch now just in my eyeline.

"You are gonna come across some senior and mature swingers. Many of them are gonna have quite a few wobbly bits, and, they might just want to fuck right in front of you."

As you can guess I was getting a little nervous but I tried to be bolder in my replies. He looked down at me and asked what was going through my mind.

I quickly said, "I think this was all sounding very homosexual, but I understand what swinging is, so I know that I would be seeing older people's cocks and pussys up close. It was really no problem. I am bi, honestly Sir."

He just laughed and grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. When he did that, I nearly snatched it away, but as he placed it on his bulge, I wanted to prove I was ok with it. He put my hand directly on his cock in his trousers and asked what I thought.

So there I was, sat in a classroom, with one of my college's instructors stood in front of me, my hand on his crotch, feeling his cock twitch and throb. I looked round his waist at the door of the study room, to see if anyone could see me. Luckily, he stood blocking the door, no one could see what I was doing.

We stopped like that for a good few minutes. I think that I did what he wanted me to do, and gently moved my fingers to feel the outline of his cock. He just stood there, talking to me like this was all totally natural, but he was always looking at my face to see my reactions.

Then just as quickly, he turned and walked back behind his desk leaving my hand in mid-air before I let it drop. He wrote something on a piece of paper, and handed it to me. He told me, "Wednesday. 7 o'clock at this address." As I gripped it, he held on to it.

"This is just for you. Do you understand, no one else." I nodded nervously and said, "Yes Sir, I understand."

We left the study room at the same time, and we parted as I walked off to my next class, the piece of paper held tightly in my hand.

My afternoon lessons just went very quickly, because after looking at what was written on the paper I had so many different possibilities and solutions going through my mind. Looking at the address, it was in a village near the town.

That night I got back to the flat and told Ruth everything, including him making me touch his cock in his trousers. She smiled at me, and of course wanted to know more. She asked what it was like, so I stood and showed her what he did and what I did. She was turned on and, well, after seeing her get all flustered, it all ended a little different than in the study room. We fucked on the table, and then, on the bed, in fact, she wanted to try and do lots of completely new sex stuff.

We 69'd with me on top, but as I fucked her mouth and I sucked her, she wanted me to fuck her with her new double ended dildo. I was amazed that she had this and tried to ask when she got it but she was just so turned on that our conversation didn't last that long. I say this was new sex because, she wanted me to suck on one cock shaped end of the dildo as I pushed the other end into her pussy.

I was glad it was made of silicone because I had no option but to bite on the it. I very nearly gagged as I tried to get a good push into her tight wet hole. Then, each time I took it in my mouth, I was a little self-conscious about just how much I could take. Looking at my end of the dildo, it was flesh colour and it looked like a circumcised cock, but it was quite a long looking toy. It was bendable yet fairly stiff, and I loved to see just how much of it that I could put into Ruth before she yelped. It was easy to fuck her with, but my neck was now really aching after having done so much bobbing.

We played like this for about thirty minutes, afterwards, we both came big and she fell asleep really quickly. I did too soon after, but not before I once again thought about the appointment on Wednesday.

I have to just break in my story here. There was one very important event in my life that I have not spoken about yet. An event that has always been on my mind, especially when I first started having sexual relations with a steady girlfriend.

My passion for swimming continued from my secondary school to my college years. I loved the sport, and found out that I also liked playing water polo. But it was during a match a couple of years ago that I received a real bad kick in the balls. I had worn a box, but played on after a short break on the poolside. It was several days later that I was told by a Doctor that I had badly bruised one of my balls. One thing led to another and for health reasons, I had to have my left ball removed. This had happened over a year ago, but I have to explain now, because of what was to go through my mind at the swinger's party.

Ruth was ok with it, especially as I was still giving her all the messy cum she wanted. Also, I didn't know if my testosterone levels dropped or if I was just self-conscious, but I did know my attitude and thinking had changed. I didn't want people to feel sorry for me. I wanted the opposite. I actually liked the feeling of being a beta male in the company of confident, dominant Alpha men.

Looking back now, at all the things I had seen and done, I would say that I had a real need to be submissive. The embarrassment and humiliation I got was a turn on. Letting the Alpha see me as inferior, it was something that I wanted. It made me understand my role.

Today, I have to admit, it is wanting that feeling to be kneeling before a Dom, to be made to pay my respects to his cock and be humbled in his presence. But in those early days, after I had touched Clive's bulge in his trousers the day before, of course I acted shocked.

Now, I was going to attend a party where my nervousness would be tested.


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