The Meteorite Pt. 04

Author's note: It's been ages since I've added to the Meteorite series, so I hope this entry it's up to scratch. Please note that this story contains body expansion, inflation, giant dicks, just general supernatural horniness. All characters are well over 18.


After the drama of the Hayley's outburst, Clara and Sarah had a new problem. They needed a new tent to sleep in for the night, as theirs was now in tatters, covered in cum and milk. It was not a pretty sight one bit.

'If you want you too can squeeze into my tent?' Jack said, gesturing towards his cramped two-person tent. 'I suppose we'll be expelled in the morning anyway, so it's temporary.'

'Thanks Jack,' Sarah muttered as she trudged towards his tent in defeat, clutching her stretched, torn shirt over her inflated bust.

Clara followed suit, as she kicked rocks and muttered something not so savoury about Hayley.

The three cuddled together in silence. They were all extra squished because of Sarah and Clara's giant tits and Jacks big cock and balls flopping about.

'It's just unfair!' Sarah said, breaking the silence. 'It was our discovery! It's our experiment, and we showed the results! We've well and truly proven the power of the meteorite liquid, and she's going to steal our thunder.'

'I bet she'll take it straight to the molecular biology department and cut some deal to create a cosmetic pill. She'll make bank.' Clara grumbled.

Sarah let out a sigh and squeezed her new fat tits. 'Well, at least we have these.' She said.

Jack turned over and went to say something before stopping himself.

'What?' Sarah said, expecting some wacky idea to come from Jacks mouth. She wouldn't be let down.

'Well... yes, Hayley took your meteorite, but she did so with her bare hands...' Jack said, trailing off because he assumed Sarah and Clara would catch on.

'So?!' Clara said in her grumpy tone.

'What happened when you guys touched the meteorite? What happened when I touched the meteorite?' Jack asked, waiting for them to get his point.

'Ohh...oh no...' Sarah said, putting her hands over mouth in shock. She looked at Clara who now had come to the same shocking realisation.

'Yeah. So right about now she will be...'

Suddenly there was a loud pop and a shriek. The three rushed out of their tent to the sight of two ginormous tits, the size of small weather balloons rising quickly from a torn, deflated tent. Somewhere under that mass was the once conservative Hayley.

'Help!!' Hayley yelled, muffled by her swelling titflesh.

'Oh god, she's already massive! If we don't help her she'll surely pop!' Sarah said in shock.

'I'm surprised she hasn't already...' Clara said

'Come on!' Jack said, gesturing for Clara and Sarah to follow him as he ran towards the ever expanding Hayley.

Sarah ran around to where she expected Hayley's head to be and luckily, she hadn't been suffocated by her monstrous bust.

'Help me Sarah! This is your fault!' Hayley yelled.

'It's gonna be ok, Hayley. We just need to milk you!' Clara yelled from behind Hayley's swelling blimps.

'Milk me?!' Hayley shrieked again.

'Help me roll her!' Jack called out, positioning himself against one of Hayley's tits.

The entire camp was once again waking up to the sight of one of their coworkers tits blowing up like two giant water balloons. This time it wasn't Sarah or Clara, but their boss, Hayley.

Sarah and Clara joined Jack in an attempt to roll Hayley on her side, so they could milk her. In the time that they had been helping Hayley, her tits had stopped growing outwards, and were just filling up, her skin growing tighter.

There was a loud thud and Hayley yelped when the gang were finally successful in rolling Hayley on her side. Her massive milk jugs jiggled and sloshed as they crashed against the sand. The force of her tits squeezing together forced some milk to explode out of her nipples.

Sarah and Clara both ran around to the front of Hayley and each grabbed a nipple and began to pull in a milking motion.

'How did this happen, Hayley?' Sarah asked as she continued to pull Hayley's swollen nipple.

'I wanted to experience what happened to you, ok?! Happy?!' Hayley panted. 'It was going fine, I was at a size I liked, and then they wouldn't stop. I couldn't stop rubbing myself, and it just made it worse!'

Suddenly bursts of warm milk flooded out of Hayley's nipples and soaked Clara and Sarah. Hayley let out a loud moan, and she began to shudder and convulse as milk exploded from her nipples at high pressure.

'Well someone's enjoying themselves,' Clara smirked, keeping her face turned away from the torrents of milk so to not get it in her mouth.

'Welcome to the club, Hayley. Now you understand our plight.' Sarah said.

'Shut up bitch!' Hayley said before letting out another loud moan as she orgasmed again in harmony with the bursts of milk that were still erupting from her.

Hayley's tits we're finally deflating to a more manageable, yet still massive size. Jack came to help Sarah and Clara finish milking their boss and was promptly shot in the face with a squirt of milk. Instantly he felt his cock and balls begin to engorge.

'Uhhh, guys.' Jack said, gesturing at his shorts that were getting tighter by the second.

'Oh god not again.' Clara said.

'It's not just me!' Jack said, pointing at Sarah's chest which was once again billowing up.

Clara instinctively looked down at her own chest to see the same thing happening. Her tits swelling against her milk soaked white t-shirt. One look at them both and Jacks growing member surged in size, popping the button on his shorts.

Hayley could finally sit up, only to witness her colleagues once again growing. Jack's shorts fell down around his ankles as his cock grew larger and larger before bursting out the top of his underwear. His balls swelled as they filled with cum and soon erupted out of his underwear. Hayley was getting insatiably horny watching Jack's cock expand, and she had the intense urge to suck and worship it.

Sarah's buttons suddenly popped and her tits exploded out, jiggling violently as they continued to rise like two giant mounds of dough.

'This was my last button up!' Sarah sighed. 'I am really getting sick of this!'

Clara looked up from her own growing predicament to see the entire camp of her respected colleagues gawking at their growth spurts. Some of the most 'revered' minds in geology had pitched tents in their pants. Suddenly an older woman from the research team calmly walked towards Clara - who she recognised as the one that Sarah had named a milf. Her name was actually Jane - but it was Clara and Sarah's inside joke to only refer to her as 'the milf.'

Sarah watched as Jane strolled up to her before she knelt down and latched her mouth onto Sarah's right nipple and began to suck.

Jack's cock only grew faster when he looked over to see what was occurring with Jane and Sarah. Jane was passionately squeezing and sucking Sarah's ever expanding tits. Jane smooshed her face further and further into Sarah's breasts, as it looked like her head was being swallowed up as Sarah inflated.

Hayley was overcome by what she was seeing. She could see Jacks balls were growing so large and were becoming so full of hot cum. In her mind, she decided she needed to help him.

Hayley ran at Jack and dropped to her knees in front of his swelling member. She wasted no time and began attempting to fit the monstrous cock in her drooling mouth.

'What the fuck?!' Jack said before letting out at involuntary grunt as Hayley swished her wet tongue around the underside of his expanding cock. Hayley opened her mouth letting out a cups worth of syrupy clear, sticky pre-cum that would drip down between her re inflating tits. As her mammoth mamaries swelled rapidly with milk, she began to tug on her nipples like Sarah and Clara had done for her before - releasing some of the pressure that was rising within.

'I'm going to cum!' Jack yelped, arching his back uncontrollably as his balls expanded one last time before his cock erupted.

Hayley felt as her cheeks instantly filled to the brim with hot cum. Some escaped her lips, but she was determined to swallow it. She gulped and gulped until the pressure from his unrelenting orgasm was too much and cum began to simply flood her stomach. Meanwhile, she furiously milked herself, wetting the sand beneath her as she orgasmed uncontrollably.

Clara watched in awe at the debauchery before her while her own tits were becoming dangerously full. She lied back and watched each of her tits swell faster and faster as she felt hot milk fill them from within. Her skin stretched and her nipples became puffy. She saw some of her colleagues watching had wet spots forming on their pants from where they had obviously had an uncontrolled explosion of their own. Clara rolled her eyes, looked up to the stars and began to milk herself. She watched as the milk shot upwards and glistened in the floodlights against the backdrop of the Milky Way. Somewhere out there was home to this piece of space rock that had caused so much trouble, she thought.

Jane's breasts had now begun to inflate as they too were now filling with milk. Sarah's milk had obviously transmitted the growth power to her. Sarah watched as Jane was now lying back in the sand, one hand furiously groping her fat, ballooning tits, and the other was inside her.

Clara, Sarah and Jack all looked at each other as they witnessed other members of the group engaging with Jane and Hayley, who had demanded they all fuck them.

'This isn't good, its spreading too quickly!' Jack shouted, his massive erection was now subsiding.

'We have to radio someone. This could be devastating if it spreads.' Sarah yelled back.

Sarah, Clara and Jack all ran to each other - well, they hobbled, as all three were severely impaired by their cartoonishly large assets. The gravity of the situation was dawning on the three of them.

'We have to try and stop it!' Sarah said.

'Well, if we get close to them, they'll erupt with cum or milk, and then we'll start growing again.' Clara replied, watching her colleagues take part in the expansive orgy.

'We have to do something...because someone's going to get greedy, and they're gonna pop!' Jack said, watching in horror.

The group watched on in shock, hearing nothing but the sounds of moaning, heavy breathing and skin slapping skin. They needed a plan.,0,0,0,16,399


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